Health Benefits

6 Ways Our Waffles Improve Health

Our waffles contain healthy ingredients, and avoid unhealthy ingredients.


1. REAL CINNAMON: One of the best foods for anti-oxidants exceeding many other foods(1). Cinnamon is great for those with diabetes (2) as it lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, reduces fasting blood sugar for diabetics. Cinnamon reduces insulin resistance, a great boon to health including the health of diabetics. Cinnamon may reduce cancer, though only animal studies have been reviewed so far. We use REAL CINNAMON, which is healthier than the commonly used cassia which can have 250 time higher levels of toxic COUMARIN.  Real cinnamon is more expensive and has almost no toxic COUMARIN. 

2. FLAX SEED: Shown to reduce heart disease risk, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce cancer risk (3) and have high levels of omega 3 and alpha linoleic acid, both thought to reduce heart disease.  

3. AVOCADO OIL: The healthiest of all oils.  Reduces bad cholesterol, improves eyesight, improves heart health, may help reduce arthritis symptoms and improve skin (4). According to Mayo Clinic, replacing other oils with avocado and other high "mufa" oils, is very healthful (5). Avocado oil may have the highest "smoke point" of any oil.  "Smoke point" is the temperature when oil become toxic, forming free radicals that produce cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Olive oil and coconut oil can be toxic only 300 degrees or so (F).  Avocado can go to 510 degrees! 


4. EGGS: People who eat high levels of eggs had 25% greater risk of heart disease. Eggs are as dangerous for your arteries as cigarettes(6). In one study, diabetic physicians who ate an egg per day, doubled their death rates(7). The egg industry has put out cleverly designed studies to falsely and incorrectly show benefits from eggs(8). The egg industry "board" has been prohibited, nonetheless, by the federal government from calling eggs "healthy", "nutritious" or "safe" (8a). The government found that eggs are so unhealthy that they are not even allowed to be called nutritious, healthy or safe by public agencies. 

5. BUTTER: Dairy including butter has a variety of toxins. Cholesterol, especially oxidized cholesterol is connected with heart disease, Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases, cancer and stroke(9). Fake science is being used to convince the public that butter is safe, but the vast majority of science shows it to be toxic(10). Breast cancer (11) and prostate cancer may be linked to dairy in general in part due to the higher estrogen content of butter and dairy, but also because there's a link between cow leukemia and breast cancer(12). Butter/dairy seems to be connected to early menopause and early menarche in young women. Butter has high levels of saturated fats, which can increase blood sugar dramatically(13).


Coconut oil popularity is based upon "fake science".  Actually Coconut oil is dangerous to your health and raises bad cholesterol (LDL).  Coco"nuts" point to certain Polynesian people who  were heart healthy supposedly because they ate Coconut Oil.  This is wrong. The Pakapaku and Tokelau peoples ate raw, fresh coconut and other fiber rich plant foods as well as fresh caught fish.  Their heart health appears to have come from the healthy diet, since when they switched to a western diet, the heart disease skyrocketed.  So it wasn't the coconut oil; it was the plants and the fiber.  Coconut oil contains a shocking 90% saturated fats which is even worse than butter! Saturated fat consumption leads to heart disease (15) by raising cholesterol. "Fake science" has been designed to fool the public in favor of the dairy industry (16). But 8 out of 9 studies showed that coconut oil raises "bad cholesterol" levels worse than other oils (17)

      "Bad cholesterol" is an excellent predictor of heart disease and coconut oil raises it as much as beef fat does. Coco"nuts" believe that "medium chain triglycerides" or MCT's are good for you and believe that coconut oil contains large amounts of MCT.  Unfortunately coconut has the wrong MCT's, which don't behave to have benefits (18). 

      Coconut oil is bad because it causes toxins from our gut to leak into our bloodstream, causing dead bacterial proteins-"endotoxins" to "leak" into our blood (19). This horrible "Leaky Gut Syndrome" is believed to lead to inflammation and serious disease, including heart disease and cancer. Saturated fats from meat, dairy and eggs may cause "leaky gut" but a recent study also showed that the saturated fats from coconut oil cause these unwanted "endotoxins" to leak into the bloodstream (20). The American Heart Association recognizes the well proven science that says to avoid saturated fats (21) such as coconut oil.

Stay healthy by avoiding fake science on butter, coconut and eggs. 

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